Creating Smiles by Anneli


I started Creating Smiles by Anneli because I have a burning desire to help, support, motivate and inspire. All of this is creating smiles.

The thought came up while recovering after my “melt down” in 2012. I knew how I ended up totally exhausted not being able to do just about anything, so to restart and live the second part of my life a better way for me, I decided to never go back into the rat race again. So what would I do instead? I realized that I should work from what have always been my passion, to help, support and inspire but I had no idea of how to make a living doing it.

Then this amazing company came into my life, the company that shared my values to take care of instead of treat staff like waste, who contribute in making our world a better place and that care for those who has nothing. I really fell for the heart in this company.

What took a little bit longer for me was to fall in love with the products. As I told my colleuage ” I am not a cream lady, I have never cared about if I get wrincles or not, as long as it´s happy ones, how can I possibly be trustworthy and sell products like that?” What I realized very fast though was that by using ( it didn´t take long to change my mind) and sharing these amazing products I can help both myself and others to age while both looking and feeling better.

And do you know what? I got addicted to my Powerlips.

It all starts from the inside so to by providing healthy products with a difference demonstrated from the inside and out , I can create smiles here too and make money while doing it. Win win all the way

If you want to learn more about our products please join my product groups on FB. English and Swedish. Info, videos, tutorials and more…

Creating Smiles by Anneli has also made it possible for me to inspire by sharing my story.  I have received feedback that I have been an inspiration which have touched my heart deeply. If I by sharing my story can make someone else believe in themselves, to lit a sparkle that they can to and to make someone take the step that is good for them…

I win my day.




One comment

  1. You are certainly an inspiration! Your positivity after coming through your earlier times, inspires me to keep moving forward in life with a better outlook regardless of what is thrown my way. I know that you will succeed in all you put your heart to! I know that my life has been enhanced through our time together & that you will continue to inspire all those that grab the moment in their lives to talk to you. Thank you for creating my smiles!


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